Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Call for Volunteers - Sunday 8/29 - SF Japantown at Lantern Parade & Obon

If you're not joining us for Nakayoshi's 2nd Annual Camping Trip to Tahoe, this is a great opportunity for you to volunteer for a great cause!

We're helping out our friends at SF Japantown to ask for volutneers at the obon this Sunday.

They are looking for volunteers to come help between 10am and 5pm - Volunteers are asked for the following:

Barricade Monitor. To not allow any vehicles in other than those involved with the event of Kabuki Hotel Guests.
(two hour shifts)

Set-up crew. Assist the JTMA members with setting up the various stations of the Yagura, Children’s area, registration area and posting various signs.

If you can attend or help out, please email our friend Jennifer Hamamoto, Program and PR Manager at the JCCCNC at jhamamoto@jcccnc.org .

Thanks everyone,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HELP WANTED: Internment Camp Documentary - Green Screen Shoot - Saturday August 7th

A friend of Nakayoshi’s is working on a documentary about the Japanese American internment camps for her thesis project.

Working alongside the visual effects department to recreate the Heart Mountain camp in 3D, she is asking for volunteers to help be in her shot of a winter scene depicting the harsh weather that the internees had to endure.

Director Vanessa Yuille is looking for 3 Japanese/Japanese American actors for the shoot. The request is for a few hours (she’s estimating 3 hours) on Saturday, August 7th at the green screen room on 180 New Montgomery.

If you'd like to help Directo Yuille out, please contact her at vyuille@yahoo.com for more details and to sign up!

- Nakayoshi